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Sweeper Plans? Openreach

Can someone help me with what sweeper plans mean?

So basically, my house 60’a house doesn’t have fibre, the house behind us is also a 60’s house and they had fibre installed like a year ago.

i have an keep me updated on Openreach and they recently sent me an email on 27/02/24 saying that I have been added to the plans. 

No I contacted them on Friday (1/03) asking when will it be installed by so I can get an estimate date.

i get a phone call saying that I am not on the plans and they want to see my email that I received off them. Got told that it was a mistake, she looked into further and said I am on the sweeper plans? What the hell does that mean?

Neighbours behind us have fibre in an exact same house and build and they got there’s but not us? 

Anyway of getting them to install it to the house faster?

2 Years ago the engineers installed the cables in the area and I asked how long til it goes live and he said ‘In two weeks it will be up and running’. Why similar houses in the area have fibre and I don’t. 

I am confused and if anything I am P***ed off because the neighbours are probably paying similar prices to me but 1000x faster speeds.

I know this is a BT Forum but Openreach doesn’t have one.

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Re: Sweeper Plans? Openreach

Are you a BT broadband customer? If so enter phone number and post results

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Re: Sweeper Plans? Openreach

The sweeper program is picking up addresses within areas that were provided with FTTP but some small groups of properties were excluded, they may have been excluded because the costs involved for a relatively small number of addresses was prohibitively expensive, so they were omitted from the build.

….this program doesn’t require the PON area ( passive optical network ) to be re surveyed, or re-planned , just the missing addresses can be picked up as and when budget becomes available, being in the sweeper system doesn’t automatically mean FTTP is imminent.

With 1960’s housing,  the ‘house lead in’ was provided by  directly buried armoured cable  ( DIG , direct in ground) not ducted  , and substantial civils work is now required ( new ducts and jointboxes )  to get them FTTP ready  , poles are a lot cheaper but not usually a viable alternative as they generate too many complaints  , DIG areas  can be overlooked completely , or only partially built , because of the costs involved , it’s sometimes the case that one side of a road,  still DIG but has a spine duct   and joint boxes , so the costs significantly reduced  for these properties, so they get FTTP  ,  (because they are  within the budget available) but  the other side of the road has no duct or joint boxes at all , so no FTTP provided , because they would exceed the available budget, it may seem unfair but that’s how it is .

FWIW , some Alt Nets that use Openreach PIA ( physical infrastructure access ) use exactly the same approach, do the cheaper to hit addresses, and leave out the expensive ones , 


As stated , show the return for your address , that will make things a little clearer .

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Re: Sweeper Plans? Openreach

Sweeper plans suggests sweeping up properties in areas already equipped with FTTP that were previously missed out.

 It is good to hear this is being done because it is incredibly frustrating when you are living in area that is supposedly complete but where individual poles or groups of houses are missed out.

Sometimes this may have been project reasons (maybe they ran out of time for the area and had to move on). Others, like in my case, could be down to a mess up on the original surveying (e.g the survey was done using Google maps and the situation turned out to be not what they expected when they turned up).

My missed pole eventually got swept up, over a year after the rest of the town, and after a lot of correspondence with openreach. Hopefully they will be a bit more proactive going forwards in finding and filling these holes.

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