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Upgrading to Full Fibre, but not being given all the choices

I'm an existing BT Broadband customer, currently on the "Fibre with Halo 1' package, getting speeds of 50Mbps. I've just become aware that Full Fibre is now available in my area, so am looking at my options to upgrade.

If I log into the BT website I'm given a selection of "personal broadband deals" consisting of upgrade packages of either 150Mbps speeds or 900Mbps speeds. If I repeat the process - without logging in though - I'm also given an option for a 500Mbps package.

I think the 500Mbps option would be the ideal speed and price point for me, so is there a reason this isn't being presented as an option for me to upgrade to unless the website thinks I'm a new customer rather than an existing one?

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Re: Upgrading to Full Fibre, but not being given all the choices

As existing customer try phoning options team 08005874787 and see what you can negotiate. If you don't like the offer don't accept and try again in day or so

If you get diverted to CS then hang up and try later

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