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Why cant they connect me?!

I am having a really annoying issue - Bought a new house on new build estate and my FTTP install was completed on the 14th with no job pack ( due to site delays). I duly signed up with BT and placed the order , only to be told i couldn't be connected until the 29th due to missing infrastructure. Explained that i was present when it was installed and all they were waiting for was the activation, offered them the serial number etc - nothing. 

Fast forward to this morning, engineer called round to double check my PON light was now solid Green as he had completed the job pack and told me everything was now good to go.  

Called BT to get the activation date brought forward, but Openreach are still saying there is missing infrastructure and need to wait until the 29th!! BT checked the Openreach database, serial number is correctly logged and verified against my address, got Openreach to run a test on the line - which they said it failed - guess what, due to missing infrastructure!?! PON light solid green, engineer on site verified all live and connected, ready to go.... but back office still saying its not connected?? What on earth do i have to do to actually get connected! 


tempted to cancel and order a Starlink at this point! 🤣 

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