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Worried waiting for broadband repair

I came back from holiday to find that there was no dial tone in my landline and the broadband was down. I followed the instructions on the BT website and sent an SMS, and got an automated reply that they’d run scans and there’s a fault on their network so an Openreach engineer will fix the fault by Monday night next week. What worries me is that when I track this fault on their website the description is “slow broadband”. I wish! I have no land phone or broadband at all. My concern is that I might just get pushed to the end of the queue because it sounds less serious than it is. I’m wondering if anyone knows from past experience (or maybe a moderator) if it’s just a standard message for all phone/broadband faults or if it somehow it submitted an incorrect ticket. It’s all automated and I wasn’t able to talk to a human. I’ve been with BT forever and it’s generally great, but right now I’m stressed and scared. I need the Internet to work from home and for health reasons I cannot work in the office or in a cafe. I’m also getting on with years so I find it really hard to navigate all these automatic options. My goodness I didn’t mean to type a therapy session, I’m sorry! Just wanted to know if this ‘slow broadband’ automatic ticket reason for no phone and no broadband is something I should worry about.

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Re: Worried waiting for broadband repair

If you have no dial tone then you have a telephone line fault not a broadband one. Report a no dial tone landline fault. 0800 800151 from a moble.

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Re: Worried waiting for broadband repair

Thank you, I followed your advice and the customer service representative ran some diagnostics and confirmed a network fault and gave me the same reference and resolution date I’d had from the automated system, but at least she reassured me that I could ignore the ‘slow connection’ reason attached to the case.  

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