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Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed


We recently tried to get broadband installed in our new flat. Originally when ordering there was no record of our flat on but there were records of our neighbours. I noticed after placing our order it was updated and said we were in cabinet 12 which has GFast available (originally we could only order the slowest speeds as they had no idea what we could get, with guaranteed speeds of 0.0 mbps)


After a few Openreach visits (failing to send out engineers who are flat roof trained), 4 th time luckily we got the right engineers out. After 2 weeks of no wifi, I thought we had finally got it sorted. Then after being there for a couple of hours they informed me that the system is down wrong and we are connected to a different cabinet (9). That was on 24th August.


After minimal updates last week saying they are working on rerouting our service, and then today when I was told we should get an update Openreach have cancelled my order and advised to replace an order once they have completed the work. They hope to update on 6/9, 2 days from now. 


Does this mean we will be getting rerouted to cabinet 12 like they think or will they just be updating records to be cabinet 9? If it is taking this long does that generally mean they are fixing the issue?

I have attached a screenshot of the cabinet 12 speeds from BT wholsalers. Having been keeping an eye on this the first 4 entries were no longer available then added back. Openreach fibre checker also no longer showed GFast as an option but then soon came back. 

Cabinet 9 only has VDSL available so the hope os to stay on 12. I have no idea why this is taking so longer to be fixed when it seems to be a simple issue (if they are just updating records)



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Re: Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed

DSLAM Cards are Routed to a Head End Port just like FTTP is.

If the two DSLAM’s are on the same Head End Slot they can usually do a Reroute there and then.

If the DSLAM’s are on different slots or even completely different Head Ends then the whole order needs cancelling and rebuilding off the correct DSLAM.

They won’t reroute your line to another PCP. 

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Re: Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed

Sorry, I’m not totally knowledgeable about broadband and how it works.

What does this mean for me? Why is this an issue that is taking over a week, close to 2 weeks to resolve?

If they won’t reroute the cabinet even though they thought I should be on that one, does that mean we will be supplied by the other cabinet? So likely slower speeds.

Sorry for all the questions. Sky weren’t really helpful and Openreach are obviously very hard to get in touch with
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Re: Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed

Are you a Sky customer or a BT customer?

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Re: Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed

Are you with BT broadband or SKY as your ISP.  If latter then you need to post on SKY forum there is no link from this forum to openreach anymore than from SKY

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Re: Wrong Cabinet - Reroute Needed

If the Copper DP serving your property is connected to PCP9 that’s what they’ll connect you to.

Its very rare PCP’s are connected via link cables so connecting you to 12 could potentially mean spending thousands of pounds to do all the necessary cabling/jointing work.


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