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BT Charging Me and Also EE? Same number

So I have several mobile handsets with BT -been with them years and also have super broadband 

I upgraded my phone as my contract was up for renewal - BT advised me that the new contract would be under EE but I kept the same number 

However - BT are still billing me for the number - and it has never changed over - still appears as a charge on my monthly statements and invoices but also EE are chasing me for payment for the same number? Madness 

I am not paying for two handsets when I only have 1 and as far as I am concerned I haven’t switched over to EE but they (EE) are threatening me with Debt collection agency’s for a phone I have never used 

How can this happen? My upgrade should have been simple and now I can’t even get through to anybody to help me and I’m being threatened with debt collection even though I’m actually paying BT for it on a monthly basis - if I’m not supposed to be with BT why are they invoicing me and why it is appearing in my statements and why are the accepting monthly payments for it ?

Help me please 

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