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BT Mobile in Corfu

Does anyone know what the situation is with BT Mobile and Corfu?

It is not listed on the list of 1a and 1b zone countries, though as part of Greece it should be covered.

However I notice it is very close to Albania, which is not 1a/b.

How do I make sure I can use my EU roaming in Corfu without it switching to non-EU?

Many thanks

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Re: BT Mobile in Corfu

We used our BT Mobile Roam like home when we visited Corfu in May last year. We could see Albania from our hotel too. When we went on a day trip to Albania we left our phones in the hotel safe though to make sure that we didn’t get charged while we were over there. You will receive a text message from BT Mobile soon after you land to confirm that you are within the correct  zone to use your existing allowance.

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Re: BT Mobile in Corfu

You won’t find Corfu listed as it’s not a country - it’s a Greek island therefore it’s covered by the fact Greece is on the list of 1a countries.

As the previous poster alluded to, it is also geographically close to Albania so you need to be careful your phone doesn’t automatically jump onto an Albanian network as you would be charged. 

Best way to ensure you stay on a Greek network (therefore being free roaming) is to manually select the network on your phone.

In Greece, you can hook onto NOVA (may appear as WIND on some phones) or COSMOTE (there is also Vodafone GR but BT don’t allow access).

Happy travels 

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