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BT Travel Data Pass Continues to Charge Fees with Data Roaming Switched OFF

States that:

  • The data allowances and any charges will automatically stop when you stop using data. For example, when you turn off data roaming or leave the country

However, this is not the case.  BT Travel Data Pass will continue charging £6 a day even when you switch Data Roaming OFF, and it does not stop charging when you leave the country overseas, only when you return to the UK. BT have refunded all my charges twice for two trips abroad, as this is a failure of the BT Travel Data Pass application.

You can text STOP to end charges, but this switches off BT Travel Data Pass so it will not be ready to trigger when you next begin to use mobile data thereby incurring local overseas mobile data fees.

I have attempted to raise this as a fault with BT, but they are unwilling to do so with many BT customers likely to fall foul of unfair charges for data they have not used.

How can I get BT to fix their BT Travel Data Pass application so that it works as advertised.

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