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BT Wifi app no longer works on Android 9 mobile phones

I have just replied to the BT Wifi feedback with the following message.


Thank you for the reply and explanation of why I am unable to install/use the BT Wifi app on my Android 9 Huawei P10 phone.
A couple of observations.
  1. It is a pity that the Google Play Store page for the app does not mention that the BT Wifi app is for Android 10 and above
  2. When searching the Play Store for the app, it would have been helpful to see “Requires Android 10 and upwards” rather than “This app won’t work on your device.” See screen shot below.
  3. Had I been informed that Android 9 is not suitable I would have save a good few hours of trying to find a solution.
  4. Why can BT not direct Android 9 users to a separate BT web page to download a version of the BT Wifi app that WILL work with their phone?
  5. I have had BT landline/broadband since the last centaury and a BT Sim card for the last 8/9 years.
  6. Re #5 - I consider myself to be a loyal BT customer and am extremely disappointed that I cannot be allowed to download a previous Android 9 version of the BT Wifi app from a BT webpage.
  7. Re #6 – Windows Operation System allows you to roll back drivers if an update “breaks something”, so please suggest to the appropriate department/team that a “download older versions of the BT Wifi app” BT web page be created for dinosaurs like me still using an Android 9 mobile phone.
I have saved the BTWi-fi network on my mobile so that when I am out of the house the Android System on my phone prompts me to sign in with a remembered username/password which is not as convenient as the automatic “sign in” that I was use to.
I do hope I will be able at some point to download a previous version of the BT Wifi app for use with Android 9.Davemhlv_0-1682250665428.png


Fingers crossed that I can get a "Android 9" version of the app sometime.
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Re: BT Wifi app no longer works on Android 9 mobile phones


just checked the app on google play and the 'more about the app' does say that you need android 10 or above for the app to work

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Re: BT Wifi app no longer works on Android 9 mobile phones

Solved this myself - no help whatsoever available from BT but I'm a new customer so I imagine you all know that already. Alas, my solution is no longer available!

The old app, which I am using on Android9 and which works v well, was on APK until June but has now disappeared in favour of the Android10 ones only - utterly berserk.  APK was the only safe site I found while searching but it may help that our app ends in 8.0.4 (new ones 8.0.10 and 8.0.11).

The dead address that worked for me is not even on Wayback:

Good luck and I'm very sorry for not posting this when it worked, amid my enduring other frustrations with BT.

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Re: BT Wifi app no longer works on Android 9 mobile phones

This claims to offer 8.0.4 but I have no idea whether Aptoid is a safe site, so BEWARE:

Same here: 

Note that another offer imitating APK was blocked by my Malwarbytes:

BEWARE, again, and good luck.

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