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Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

Hi all,

My son managed to use all his 10gb data during this month and we were alerted only when being told of him hitting the extra £5 spend cap which we have set up against his phone number as part of family sim.

Anyway we mentioned he’d need to wait until the allowance  refreshes at the start of next month which was fine, although I said I’d look into options.

However, he has just texted me to say his wifi is working and he has been able to use Snapchat and TikTok and the like today.

This has set me into a panic as wasn’t sure how this would be possible having hit his spend cap!

I tried to go into usage details on the app and it wasn’t  working - it just gave  a message about logging into EE if I’m an EE customer but nothing about my own BT mobile usage for my family sims, although did eventually find it through (which didn’t have stats for today any way.)

But can I double check if this sometimes may happen ? I’m guessing there is a lot of BT to EE migration going on at the minute. I’m just nervous in case he gets charged for his extra streaming which shouldn’t be allowed based on his spend cap, so I’d imagine I certainly shouldn’t  be liable to extra costs anyway as the fault not my end - but certainly wanted some peace of mind.

Thanks for any reassurance!!


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Re: Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

If he's using WiFi (as you said) then that doesn't use his mobile data allowance (it's basically free).

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Re: Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

Oh sorry that was poorly worded from me  (and thanks for reply by the way) - I meant mobile data as in the thread title, but referred to it as Wi-Fi. 
But yes it was on his walk back from school so not connected to any wi-Fi or hotspots so would’ve been 4G connection

In fact, I just got him to test turning off the Wi-Fi on his phone for a couple of minutes while he is here at home, and he seems to be able to do the same things on 4G, like use internet, stream videos, even in spite of his allowance being used and spend cap being hit (since turned phone Wi-Fi back on again now)

Just checked the usage data again, still nothing updated - as it’s showing 10.04gb of 10gb used and £4.99 spend cap charged although I know that takes a while to update sometimes - although hopefully it won’t update further anyway.

But yes just wanting to make sure no (very nasty) extra data usage surprises happen as a result , and wondering why it suddenly appears to be allowing him to do this, and whether it’s for some reason glossing over the spend cap instruction due to something happening behind the scenes.

Will keep an eye on it over the next few days anyway

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Re: Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

Does the plan have Stay Connected Data?

It lets you do some things even after you run out of data but limits it to very slow speeds so it's fine for WhatsApp messages etc but no good for streaming videos for example

Might be that's what's happening 

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Re: Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

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Re: Mobile data working today although spendcap hit?

Thank you - that’s very helpful.

Maybe that’s what it is then - we are on Halo 3+ with Stay Connected included. 

We’ve got Hybrid Connect which works very well here (24hr BT outage last week in fact and didn’t even notice the difference!) so that might explain the at-home experiment if that’s relevant.

But I didn’t realise it would keep user online when out of data wherever - albeit at slower speeds so that’s good to know ! He ran out of data much earlier in the year and froze then - but that’s before we moved to a Keep Connected package . He did say he watched a video earlier but maybe it was one in his downloads or his cache or something .

I also notice EE allow data sharing too so don’t know if that will become a feature on existing BT contracts - or whether a formal EE contract would need to be taken out- will have to do some digging.

Thanks for that advice though - it is reassuring and a likely reason! And it’s very good to know

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