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BT mobile use in Ukraine

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Good afternoon

As you will all be aware, calls from the UK to Ukraine are free whether from landline or mobile. This has been a godsend for us since Russia's illegal invasion of the country. My wife cannot stand not seeing her family, especially her son, daughter and grandson. She will shortly be making the trip. 

I have done some research but haven't found anything. I wonder whether my wife's BT Mobile Sim would work in Ukraine without the burden of heavy costs.

I found this from last year in a local paper:
"Major UK mobile phone providers have waived charges on calls, texts and data to and from Ukraine so that being in contact with a loved one is completely free."

Of course, the article doesn't go into much detail.

Any information gratefully received.

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Re: BT mobile use in Ukraine

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Re: BT mobile use in Ukraine

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@Les-Gibson  Cheers, Les. Much appreciated and will enable us to keep in touch.

The internet is sporadic but mobiles are fine. Now we'll be able to keep in touch without problem by text/SMS as I am too hard of hearing to call normally.

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Re: BT mobile use in Ukraine

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@Les-Gibson and concerned others

Just an update.

My wife arrived in Ukraine late on Saturday evening. As I am too hard of hearing to use the phone, we have kept in touch exchanging numerous SMS messages to one another.

I am pleased to report that neither of our mobiles (both on a BT Family Plan) have incurred any charges whatsoever.

I should note that my wife has, since February 2022, been regularly calling her family in Ukraine using her mobile and our home phone, also without charge This is sometimes necessary as the internet often goes down for days at a time due to Russia's senseless attacks on power stations.

Thank you again @Les-Gibson and also Thank you BT, we are both very grateful.