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EE mobile deals

Anyone explain why as a Halo customer , I'd get double data on 2nd offer, but not the first.


Not letting me post pictures..


Ist offer is 10gb for £10 minus 10% discount , so (£9 per month) with double data so 20gb , 24 month contract


2nd offer is 20gb £10.80 per month, 12 months no double data as part of the offer.


  • EE refuse to give me 40gb based on 1st offer, presumably no issue with 2nd offer as double data not's utterly bizarre if that's the case....Can a BT mod confirm please.

nb - these EE deals are available to all BT broadband customers irrespective of package, none Halo customers too , so if you take the first package offer as a halo customer, you are getting the same data a non halo, whats the point of having Halo for the mobile benefits?


edit...ive phoned EE, they are going to transfer me to the 12 month contract with the bump to 40GB , but its a bit ridiculous imo, that Halo customers are being treated the same as non halo customers on the 24 month deal.