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Mobile contract

I currently have Broadband, TV & Mobile with BT. I have always been in contract in order to get lower monthly payments. That is until now it would seem.

I have recently re-contracted Broadband & TV for a lower monthly fee, but at the time, there was no better deal for my mobile contract. The mobile contract has now ended and I am now out of contract. I received letter from BT informing me that my contract was ending and offering me a new contract but at a higher price or just keep my existing plan on a month by month basis.

I thought there may be some mobile offers on Black Friday deals either BT mobile or EE but there is nothing to beat my existing deal. So I now have no contract for my mobile and could just walk away. 

What a strange way to run a business BT!


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Re: Mobile contract

Hello Stew i was in a similar position, you didn't state if you were on a sim only contract. i was in a family sim deal on BT that expired in April next year paying £23 a month. After speaking with EE changed over to them with a very similar deal, abate a 24 mth contract but i am now paying £17 a month. Transfer went through flawlessly to.  Maybe worth ringing them and haggle.

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Re: Mobile contract

BT Mobile is now being positioned as a budget option for BT customers so it doesn't surprise me that there are no Black Friday offers as it would appear that BT Mobile is being wound down.

EE is probably don't feel the need to run Black Friday deals either because they're the UK's largest network and they're standard deals are pretty decent.

I recently moved my mobile contract from BT Mobile to EE and got a Pixel 6a with no upfront charge, unlimited minutes and texts, and 15gig of data for £25 a month which was a £10 reduction on my BT Mobile contract and I also get 10% off for having BT Broadband... 

For reference, this is about £20 a month less than my wife pays on O2 for a similar package...

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Re: Mobile contract

Hi, I bought two IPhone 12 and have 2 x SIM only, 20GB which having Halo is boosted to 40GB. Originally this was £10pm but with the CPI increases is now £11.42pm.

So that’s 2 x 40GB for £22.84 with unlimited minutes and texts.

I have looked at the EE website but I notice you have to pay for roaming charges which I get for free with BT. I know BT are moving away from the BT Mobile to reduce duplication but just to leave me on a rolling monthly contract just seems bonkers to me.


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Re: Mobile contract

I think you get better EE deals by going to them via the BT website.

I got an additional sim with EE recently. Went to the BT website and into the mobile sim deals, and I was offered 10gb for £9pm. Still get double data for having a BT Halo broadband package so it’s gone up to 20gb for £9pm which I think is a pretty solid deal. 
I can also gift data to it as my handset plan has 200gb so I can share that between any EE sims on the same account if they run low one month.

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Re: Mobile contract

Thanks for your post; as was not clear to me when moving to EE ( from BT Mobile, is double data is applied ) .
Also; whether Visual Voicemail & esim are available. Finally, EE restrict speeds on some tariffs & is also unclear if moving we get 'fastest' or speed capped?
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Re: Mobile contract

@clever_trevor if you have HALO at home, your extra data and speed boost are carried over...