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Mobile doesn't work abroad, no network ?

I have spent the 1st 2 days of my holidays teying yo get my phone to work. I have exhausted all past posts on the subject, yet still no access to my calls/data. 

BT says roam from home is turned on and assured me it would be OK, it isn't and now no one gets back to me. I've got it set to allow calls and message abroad. I have put £10 cap on both home and abroad spends. I have restarted the phone about 50 times, I have left it turned off for hours at a time. I have even tried to take the sim out and back in. 

Thanks to on here I have also tried adding a new AAPN.i have also followed advice on here to turn off auto network. I have a list of 3 come up, Vodafone, orange and movistar. It says I can't connect to any of them?

Can anyone help, I'm absolutely fed up of this now. Its ridiculous and I have had had such poor service from BT. They say to call them, I can't, I've no network many thanks



It still says no service.

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Re: Mobile doesn't work abroad, no network ?


Could you enable wifi calling and would that help?

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Re: Mobile doesn't work abroad, no network ?

On at least 2 previous occasions we've been in rural areas of France, and found there is no mobile signal. One of those times we could see a list of providers, but couldn't connect to any of them. Compared with the UK, we've always found France to be well covered, but there's always the odd exception. I guess the same could apply to wherever you are.

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