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No data service when connected to 5G

For the past 2 days my daughter has not been able to access any data when connected on 5G (when no WiFi available). Nothing works. She has an iPhone and is part of a Family Mobile Plan with BT and has not yet been moved to EE. We have been in touch with BT technical support but have received conflicting information. Initially told that this was a known issue which became apparent only in last few days, was affecting iPhone devices and also affecting those who are part of a family plan. The recommended fix was to migrate to EE and that BT were investigating root cause. On the 2nd technical call, agent was not aware of the issue and doubted that moving to EE would resolve it.  All troubleshooting steps have been tried without success.  She was promised a further call back yesterday but this hasn't happened. Anyone else having same issue?

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