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Monthly pass subscription suggestion

A suggestion for BT to consider: an online-only streaming subscription that allows you access to the champions league only (or other competitions if there is demand). 

I have subscribed to a monthly sports subscription for the first time in my life, only due to the prospect of a month of European football. For years it has seemed unnecessary to pay for a months worth of sport when I do not watch it all. If I am only interested in one sport, why pay for the channels when I don't watch that much else? The knockout European format has allowed for this.

Once normality has resumed I would strongly suggest allowing customers to opt in for a pass to access the sports/competitions they want eg: champions league pass, allows access to only champions league games online via the app/website all season; premier league pass, for top-flight games monthly or annually; rugby pass, similar to the premier league; or more passes for other sports as required

Would any one else subscribe, similar to other online streaming services, to this pass idea?