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I've gone to my BT to pay a bill and there were 4 different names with card details there. Never heard of them, no idea who they are - Dean Newstead, Gareth Jones VISA, K A Andrews VISA and Frances A Cooke just for the record - I've managed to delete all of them except Dean Newstead. It says that i cannot remove them as this is my method of payment. Part of me is tempted to go on a proper spending binge with said Dean Newstead but does anyone have anything helpful to advise?
I've phoned BT and they say that it has nothing to do with them but they always say that and are always spectacularly unhelpful, they start with 15 minutes of gaslighting saying that everything is your fault and if you're not crying after that then they sometimes offer advice but usually tell you it's still your fault.
I've gone through settings on laptop everywhere and no sign of Dean Newstead anywhere else. If they manage to get a bill with my address and their name then that is a healthy step on the scamming ladder.
Anyone else had experience of this? What should/can I do?