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£50 charge for losing tracking/barcode returning the hub.

Well I got my return package on the 23rd and I sent away the hub on the same day, however, I do not have a tracking number what so ever, I was tricked into getting bt broadband while they were working on the lines in my area, saying that other people had the same problem as me, FYI I did not have any problems until about a month before they showed up, anyway, I switched to them, and had internet about 50% of the time, I canceled it, paid for an extra month that I didn't use, Waited almost 3 weeks for them to send me a return bag, had to get a 2nd one sent, Both came at the same time... I have no use for their hub, I swapped to Virgin Media, WHO I HATE, but I hate them less than BT right now.

Why would a huge company not retain its return tracking codes? Why do I now have to pay £50 or have my credit rating hurt? I feel bullied into having to pay BT £50 for nothing, I already did this before to get out of their contract.

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Re: £50 charge for losing tracking/barcode returning the hub.

The return packaging and instructions states to retain proof of posting, why didn’t you keep the receipt from the Post Office, or take a photo of it incase if disputes , especially as non return of equipment can lead to charges for non return
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Re: £50 charge for losing tracking/barcode returning the hub.

I've never lost something I need on purpose before, Have you?
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Re: £50 charge for losing tracking/barcode returning the hub.

This seems to be a recurring problem, there are lots of similar posts with people being charged for returns.

BT obviously have a problem with this service, I read on one post that it took 4 months for someone to have their returns recognised. 

I'm about to send back my TV Box, Hub, Mini Hub and WiFi Disc to BT. I’ll definitely be keeping my proof of postage and taking photos of the items wrapped and at the post office.