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A Question about potential FTTC Speeds

This is the first time using my Openreach line in a couple of years, but I was previously with Onestream via Openreach FTTC line where I was on the 80Mb plan and my line was in sync at 80 down, 20 up. 

I've joined BT and am on the 40Mb plan right now but considering upgrading for faster speeds. The only thing is if I look at my router stats, it shows a maximum attainable data rate as 59.4 down and 12.8 up. 

Is that to say that if I upgrade to the 80Mb plan with BT, My router won't sync at more than 59.4 down and 12.8 Up? Is there anything that would explain the discrepancy of these max attainable speeds vs the speeds I got through this very same line only 2 years ago? 

Interestingly I also appear to have an interleaved connection with a higher level of latency this time compared to my last Openreach ISP where I had a fastpath connection 26ms ping vs 12ms ping previously, to the same local Speedtest server... And I am even using the exact same router as I had previously too so it's definitely got me puzzled!

Just trying to decide if it's worth upgrading or not. So any insight from those more experienced with these things would be appreciated.


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Re: A Question about potential FTTC Speeds

You are correct in your assumption regarding speeds. The discrepancy from previous values is most probably due to the effects of crosstalk as more customers have taken up service in your area.

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Re: A Question about potential FTTC Speeds

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. That's a slightly disappointing shame, especially to see that my upload speeds won't improve much at all if I upgrade. I guess it's not too surprising since I had been trying to sign up for a while but couldn't get anything more than ADSL due to my cabinet being at full capacity.

Hopefully Openreach put some plan in place to roll out FTTP in my area in the not too distant future. 

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