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Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

After previously told, as BT TV prevent myself from option migrate fully from BT (Broadband - FF900 with Halo3+, digital voice, BT TV, BT mobile) to EE, with request of upgrade to EE 1,6 Gbps package, 


I decided to take another look, and phoned BT yesterday…

Clearly described what was a problem before, and asked, if agent could take look into it for me…

Repeatedly mentioned, as I am up to EE 1,6 Gbps Full Fibre package, which will, understandably need OpenReach visit to change my actual Alcatel ONT to new ONt, which support such speeds…


agent was lovely, everything seems fine, we agreed on terms, etc etc, standard sales phone call, initiated by Customer…


Few minutes later,  after call, when I got confirmation email, I can’t believe my eyes!

It confirm, as I moving from BT FF900 to BT900 (!!!!!!!) with new 24 month contract, and on top of that, my TV package was DOWNGRADED as well…


expert visit was also booked… no OpenReach engineer to install new ONT, but expert visit to show me, how to get maximum from my new broadband. Laughable stock, when I even explained, as I using BT SH2 router without Wifi, because Wifi part is managed by my own TP Link Omada FW.



alongside, got another email, wit PAC to allow me move my BT Mobile to EE mobile, but otherwise, this IS NOT whatsoever mentioned at any confirmation email, none I got anything from EE, zero, nothing, zilch…


absolute shameful experience…


immediately called back, and describe my disappointment and explained problem, just to hear as “BT TV preventing us to complete migration to EE”..


Ended up with request to cancel whole new order, even Agent tried to simplified problem and “it’s just for interim”… no it is not because I getting chained to new 24M contract without to gain absolutely nothing I asked for!

what was actually cancelled it’s “expert visit”, and order itself showing as OPEN, with future date (which it’s day before “expert visit”)…


Something unbelievable at all.. I guessing I will be not only one, who have this experience, but sorry, if you going to start migrate customers, why you have not tested it before? 


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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

It's a new TV package which was only launched a few days ago not a lifethreatening situation which has left you entirely cut off from the rest of the world. Give them a chance!
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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

It's more the systems aren't ready to allow BT TV customers to migrate to EE TV

There's no time frame as to when it will be possible except "Soon"

Unfortunately the rebrand of BT to New EE seems to have been a bit of a mess all around 

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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

@RIC9380  it's not about as I can wait, till "soon" occurs...


It's about as they promised something over the call, as possible, and end up to mess customer account and APPLY new 24M contract on absolutely same broadband packages, as I already have...

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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

This is not just a rebrand, this is a BT rebrand.


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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

Early days confusion/understanding what can and can't be done yet with different agents saying different things. It's pobably quite confusing and frustrating for them too. I'm sure that it will get sorted out and you'll get your upgrade.
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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

Nope, it's not "early days confusion" of any sort...

Sad to say, both advisors from BT, which are involved simply LIED to myself...


- Despite, I clearly declared, as I would like to get SAME services in terms of TV, the advisor DOWNGRADED my EE TV as part of "migration" to EE.

- Despite, clearly REPEATEDLY told her, as I am up to a 1,6 Gbps package, which is available at my address as part of "migration", this was completely ignored in order, and she set up BT FF900 to BT FF900 transfer, not even to EE, just to BT (!)

- She completely ignored it, as a 1,6 Gbps package with EE Full Broadband, at the present moment can't include DV Phone (!)

- She completely ignored REPEATEDLY mentioned. that I will need a new ONT, while the actual  ONT is Alcatel, and it's not compatible with the new EE !,6 Gbps full fiber line, and will need to be replaced as part of the order. Instead, she booked only "expert visit" which I don't even need...

- there is absolutely no sight of my mobile service order to migrate it to EE. I received PAC code, but there is no order for EE SIM only service at all...



- despite my request almost instantly after receiving emails with totally MESSED up orders, and with a completely DIFFERENT order from what I agreed,  he canceled ONLY an expert visit... The order itself it's still in progress (!) and will be executed in approximately week time!

- despite the promise, he would call me back, more than 48 hours late (I know it's the weekend, but he specifically mentioned, as he is on shift, and will do a call back), nothing happened...


Obviously, I will follow this by phone and will place a complain via the official channel, but this is unacceptable at all.


It's clearly nothing more, than a very dodgy attempt to make a new 24M contract period, despite I do not get the services, I asked for. Plus, with price, which is almost identical to what I have now, with totally messed up, and partially downgraded services.  


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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

And on top of it, new HARD search was placed to my credit file from BT...


Yes, I am aware, as advisor 1 asked questions, collateral with credit search, but I shall expect, as this will be not necessary for the customer, who is with non-interrupted service 3+ years with BT now... And if any, soft search should be done, to, if necessary, confirm anything needed.


I need to reiterate, as I do not take any device mobile phone service, just want to migrate my BT SIM ONLY to EE SIM ONLY as part of this migration...

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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

Update, a few days LATER...

- no contact back

- order is still in "open" state, awaiting execution (we talking about a totally messed up order, which was promised to be cancelled...

- only "expert visit" actually cancelled

- "auto undo order" is pending


Called them back today...


Got promised as it will be sorted for me all... and ...


Placed order as "NEW EE Broadband", which means:

- original BT Broadband will be taken over (in theory) with new EE Broadband - at least, SMS confirming this...

- original DV phone will be terminated, whilst 1,6 Gbps EE "The Busiest Home Full Fibre Broadband" (who the heck came with such product name?) do not support porting, or ordering DV at a moment, when new Broadband is ordered

- OpenReach engineer booked for... wait for it... 29/12/2023, supposedly tactic, as 14 days cooling period will lapse... That said, there is still chance, as original (messed up) BT Broadband re-contract FF900 to FF900 (which never was accepted and approved!) will kick off, and will mess things up on 19/12/2023...

- EE TV will be terminated, no option to port it. Early termination fee will be waived

- one off fee for new EE Broadband will be waived as well


- my BT Mobile will stay, for now, with BT, and will be ported, once things will be sorted out...


Do I see many many trouble here? Let's see, if intervention of @NeilO or @DavidM  will be needed, but I will appreciate, if one of  You will take look into it, before things will go even more wild...


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Re: Absolute shambles with move to EE from BT

and...  as next steps, I was recommended:


- once new EE Broadband will be live, and original EE TV terminated, to go for new EE TV order...

- once basic EE ID and account will be settled and EE Broadband live, to go for portation of my BT Mobile to EE Mobile, to finish transition and have all at EE, not half at BT and half at EE...


This will be even more fun, I say...

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