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Activation delay beyond a joke

My daughter has schizophrenia and has been without a phone line and broadband since an order was placed on 5th February- it’s now 24th March and still no joy. Delay is with Openreach work. Appalling wait - what organisation treats people like that 

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Re: Activation delay beyond a joke

Which BT broadband package did you order FTTP or FTTC?  Do you currently have a working phone line?

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Re: Activation delay beyond a joke

If the delay is with Openreach , then it wouldn’t matter who you ordered service with ( presumably that is BT unless you are someone who  thinks BT and Openreach  are the same entity and you have posted here but have actually used someone other that BT to supply service. 

Your post isn’t very clear ,( to me at least )  ‘without a phone line and broadband’ suggests that service was working and now isn’t, but the subject title is ‘Activation delay’.

Has your daughter moved somewhere that has never had a working Openreach service before ( like a brand new building ) , in which case it’s not unusual for a developer to hand over the keys before any communication network has been provided, perhaps you can provide more details ( and confirm BT are the provider you are using ) 

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