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Another final bill question.

Afternoon all,

My billing cycle was on the 4th and my line ceased on the 6th of June. My final bill generated on the 12th of June.

My 4th of June bill was £23.05, my final bill explained this:

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 13.02.13.png

£23.05 left my account on the 13th of June. 

Am I owed money?

I can never get my head around if I'm  "paying in advance"  and how this affects the final bill?

cheers all.

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Re: Another final bill question.

Update for educational purposes. 

screen shot of final bill generated on the 12th (as seen above) No mention of refund. This screenshot was taken on the 22nd.

Bt landline bill before.png

Next screenshot taken on the 23rd, Notice the refund section.

BT Landline bill after copy.png£23.05 taken out of account on the 13th June. No refund issued so far. I was not alerted to this alteration to my 12th of June final bill.

Except for this forum I have not yet contacted BT about this. BT does have an interesting way delivering its final bill.

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