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BT Bill Price Adjustments

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My BT Broadband bill has recently increased from £47 to £53 per month. This is quite high for me and the package I'm on. I've checked the deals page to see what's available for me but they all include a price increase. I'm curious as to if I could ask BT for a price reduction?

Should also note: My contract with BT has expired, I've been paying the same amount for almost a year for the same service from BT. It's only this past month the price has spiked. So currently I'm under no contract, so could I ask for a new contract with a slight discount?

I've seen I can get cheaper deals with other ISP's but I'd like to stick with BT as they have been great with me over the years. Thank you for reading my post. 

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Re: BT Bill Price Adjustments

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Phone BT 0800.800.030 and see what they will offer you if you recontract. If the offer is not good enough just decline it and try calling again later. Tell them you have been looking at other providers.