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BT or Sky

I am currently subscribing to Sky (full package)  and BT broadband/phone plus TNT sport, but wondering if it would be cheaper to use just one or the other for everything? 

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Re: BT or Sky

It all depends what you want from your services @john_hoare.

Sky don’t offer the same broadband packages as BT, while BT do not offer the same TV service as Sky. Both will offer different discounts at various times of the year.

Your starting point shouldn’t be price, but what do I really want or need?

If you really want access to broadband with built in 4G backup, BT offer this, Sky doesn’t.

If you want to watch F1, Premier League, EFL and Sky Cinema in UHD, Sky offer this, BT doesn’t.

These are just examples. Too many people move one way or the other assuming everything is the same, it isn’t. Work out what is important to you and then you can see more clearly if either provider can give you everything you need for a better price.

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