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BT order problems

We seem to be having a problem with our BT broadband order.
Our house has long had 2 separate phone lines owing to the previous owner running his business from home.
For our convenience we have been using one line for a landline phone and the other for BT broadband.
The landline service was with First Utility for a number of years with their recent name being Shell Energy.

We recently decided that 2 lines are not necessary and decided to change the Shell Energy service to BT and then to cancel the other line.
The change over to BT to provide both landline phone and Broadband on the previous Shell (phone-only) line initially appeared to be going fairly well - we signed up through EE on 29th November and the new hub arrived at about 12th December with the stated date of the new service being 13th December.

But nothing happened. - the land line phone appeared to be working as normal but no broadband. We called the BT help line on 16 Dec and were told that and Engineer should have called to make an appointment but we had heard nothing by email/ phone/ text message.
The help line person did some more checking and said that there appeared to be "some issues" but would not say what that meant.

Looking at the order status online after talking to the help line, the summary had a heading stating:

"We're sorry your broadband isn't working yet. We've got a specialist team working on it and we'll let you know as soon as we have more news. Thanks for your patience".
This same status report stated that an Engineer visit had been due 13th December but also stated that the visit status was "Appoinment failed".
We had not received any notification of this proposed visit .
At the time the weather was particularly cold and maybe this was relevant to the appointment "failure".?

At 21st December in the afternoon the phone line ceased to function.
We were away from the 22nd Dec to 28th December and found on our return that nothing had changed.

We called the BT help line again on 29th December, to be told that the order process had failed and that the order would have to be cancelled and WE would have to re-order.
Apparently also meaning that the kit we had received would have to all be returned by US to await a new delivery associated with the re-ordering.

Our online order status now states that we have expressed a wish to cancel our order. In actual fact we quite simply want BT to meet the original commitment that was signed up at the
end of November.

So now we are left without a working landline, are needing to re-make our order we made over a month ago and then will be waiting for the delivery of new kit and the associated
Engineer visit and connection process.
At the very best it looks that this will mean the passage at least 6 weeks since we originally placed our order before we can hope to get any landline service.

This is all extremely stressful and is not what a professional communication company should be providing. We strongly wish that we had not made any change at all but it's now too late.

Need I add that our only means of voice communication is now through a mobile phone in an area with poor coverage.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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