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BT returning customer from Sky

So I am a returning customer to BT after 9 years with sky I decided to come back to BT. I was lured I might add by a decent package and much cheaper.

Today is my switchover day. I've just had the text from BT telling me its all done your BB & TV is now fully active, can you confirm all is well.?

Guess what? I've no equipment! It hasn't arrived! It should of been here yesterday!

I just checked the forum to see if this is an ongoing problem , and its not.

My order was placed on April 13th, yes 71 days ago and yet here I am without the necessary hub or box to achieve connection!

The equipment is in Royal Mails Yorkshire hub, I'm in Northumberland!

Royal Mail said its on its way!  BT have said its on its way!

But here I am using my mobile hotspot and its now costing me to access the net!  

Can anyone offer any suggestions or comments as to just what I can do now?

Much appreciated


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