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Re: Being charged line rental by BT and TalkTalk for years

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Thank you once again, the mystery is solved!

You are correct, it’s a legacy from the old system and TT are not charging for line rental so we must either switch that part to TT or change the BT package to PAYG only.

It was wrong for TT to instruct us to cancel BT, we would lose the line as you’ve highlighted! Fortunately we didn’t do that and checked on this forum first.

Thanks to you and others who have helped me navigate this, I hope your replies will also help others who find themselves in the same situation with very old Broadband packages who believe they are being charged twice.

My advice is check if both are charging line rental, if they are not then you will find like I have that only one is and you must continue to pay for line rental otherwise you will lose the line.

TT should have told us this but they didn’t!

Thanks again, it’s very much appreciated.



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