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Game Pass issues

I got 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate when I upgraded my broadband in February and after some teething problems it's been working fine until today. I just tired launching a game pass game on my xbox and it said I was "too soon" and that it was having trouble getting my details. When I dug down on the Microsoft Store it stated my subscription had been cancelled.

I've checked my BT account and the Game Pass subscription is active and due to expire in February 2023. I

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Game Pass issues

If anyone has this same issue; I spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to BT then live chat with MS to sort this out. Both companies said it was the other companies fault. Eventually, MS asked me for a screenshot of my BT account showing when my GP sub was meant o expire. I sent this to them and they gave me the equivalent months. They did it their end and now my MS account states I have access to the same month my BT account does. It's just now through MS directly. My BT account still seems to think I have an active sub through them. I've just turned off auto renew with BT. Way too much hassle to save 99p a month.
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