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Broadband Fttp install woes

Today I should have been live with my new fibre 100 product from BT, having been with Sky on their FTTC Product  with VOIP (which was being overpriced on renewal to encourage us to go to full fibre)

our house was built at the end of 2001 and according to the Openreach availability site checker is supposed to be served by a dug 2” ducted supply, and up until yesterday the install method said FC12. Last night it changed to 1 stage. Openreach’s subcontractor came out this morning and discovered that the existing black copper cable runs  from inside the house out under the front door,  to the grey cover and is  connected there and fed back into the wall to the master socket in the hallway. After installing the ONT and feeding the fibre back to the CSP they left saying that possibly openreach would need to come back and dig a trench in the lawn / pavement and feed the cable from the chamber in the pavement through this!

so just wanted to check that there is nothing we can do to avoid Sky terminating the old service today as BT say the job will elapse today and we need to get an update from openreach on Monday 8th Jan as to next steps. They say the new order can’t be cancelled and we can’t reinstall the old FTTC service either,  so we are faced with being without internet for several weeks other than by a 4G dongle!

don’t understand how The termination date gets fixed whether openreach performs or not and why any survey doesn’t pick up how the fibre might not be able to be installed in one go


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Re: Broadband Fttp install woes


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Unfortunately you cannot stop the cease from Sky.

Your problem is very common judging by other posts on this forum.


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Re: Broadband Fttp install woes

Normally ducted feeds are single stage installs , and it’s only if there reason to suspect the duct may be compromised are they KCI2 assure ( a two stage install ) ,for example , if someone built a porch on the front of their house and the duct is no longer visible, then it’s assumed extra work will be required.
Normally the first stage of a two stage install is to get the cable from the house wall CSP location to the CBT in the footpath joint box, not the cable route from the CSP on the external wall to the internal ONT , so your first stage seems to have concentrated on the wrong part, the internal rather than the external cable

Normally the first stage date  should be sufficiently in advance of the second stage date so that if a problem is encountered that needs a lot of work , like renewing a duct from the house wall to the jointbox possibly excavating through the garden and the footpath itself to the jointbox that this work can be accomplished before the second stage date ( that’s the contract date ) comes around .

FWIW , the existing copper cable from the existing grey plastic cover to the master socket isn’t relevant as a new optical cable is ran from the CSP ( normally located where the existing grey plastic is already on the external wall) to the location of the ONT , which doesn’t need to be where the existing NTE master socket is .

Normally if the install date fails , BT can supply a MiFi mobile device to get you online until the FTTP is successfully installed 

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Re: Broadband Fttp install woes

Hi both, thanks for your input. 

I think my main concern is that when I placed the order 14/12/23 and up until yesterday morning, it was showing as Kc12 ( 2 stage) and openreach have not been out to either survey or do work until today. Last night when I looked it said a one stage install, which I thought would create a problem because the existing copper and presumably ducting terminates within the house hence the black cable feeding back out to the front of the house. I also suspect that the copper is not running from the CBT through ducting across the front lawn, as when I had the lawn dug up & replaced some years ago the landscaper commented that there was black cable there which they had managed to avoid damaging. 
and as for MV Kelly, whilst they were accommodating in positioning the ONT, they did not even try feeding the supply from the CBT to try and assess where the ducting terminates. 

it’s all very frustrating as it would appear despite all my diligence there’s nothing I can do to avoid being without decent broadband until openreach pull finger out

just to add insult to injury whilst typing this reply BT have emailed to say that my complaint is now closed

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Re: Broadband Fttp install woes

If your property was built at the same time and in a similar way to your neighbours, you could compare their survey return to yours , to see if they are KCI2 or single stage , it’s extremely weird that the FTTP install process would ever change as that is set by Openreach based on the survey conducted weeks, months or even years before the area is built with FTTP and it’s available to order , the ISP has no way to  change that survey result.

TBH , my understanding was that with KCI2 it’s a 30 day lead time to allow any necessary works to be done , if your order was December 14 , then really your appointment shouldn’t be before 14 Jan , but if it were single stage ( which is normal for modern ducted housing ) then it’s a much shorter lead time.
I would be very surprised if your house didn’t have a duct given its period of construction, the grey plastic connector bend No.4 is sited directly on top of the duct 56 , so if you have a connector bend ( plus a capping 25 and a cover 101 ) on your wall ( search for an image if unsure what they look like ) you should also have a duct ,with the copper cable in it , not a cable buried directly in the ground, however having a duct is one thing , it being in a good enough condition to allow another cable to be installed , after a few decades have passed is another matter

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