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Broadband Regrade Order "Stuck" Open

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Full Fibre Broadband regrade order I made on the 8th appears to be "stuck" as open despite the fact it should have closed on the 11th. I've phoned up twice about this now. The first time I was told something had failed and they would look into it... Nothing. The second time, about 45 minutes ago I was told something has failed and that they would call me back in 5 minutes after speaking to a manager... No call back. 

BT in my experience over the last few years... Fantastic internet that rarely if ever drops out coupled with absolutely horrendous service from the human beings on the other end of the telephone when I dial 150. 

Would any mods be able to look into this at all please? To restore my sanity. Thanks.

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Re: Broadband Regrade Order "Stuck" Open

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Hi @Trunks91 and welcome back.

It's been a while but great to see you again. Sorry there's a delay with your order. We can try and find out what the problem is for you. I've dropped you over a private message now so you can get in touch.