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Broadband activation issue

Update to my last post.

So I ordered BT full fibre 60MBPS on 25th August for new flat i moving to this weekend (Tenants moved out 22nd august) 

Activation date 9th sept (not happened) Router arrived that day. 

Rung BT a few times who were very helpful and spoke to open reach… All I got told was as there still is an active line at that address I am moving to. open reach can’t approve/commit my order until that line has ceased or been cancelled and couldn’t give me a time frame could be 1-2 weeks or allot longer,

Sounds like the last tenants have either given notice to there broadband provider to switch address or cancel it or just accidentally left it 

any way I can speed up the process to get my broadband activated or is it a waiting game until other line is ceased?

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Re: Broadband activation issue


Provided the existing tenant has not asked for their connection to be ceased, then a Working Line Takeover would be the normal way, and service would have be available to you on the date the tenant moves out.

If the tenant has asked for a cease, then its not possible for you to get service until the cease has been completed. That would be the most likely reason for the delay. It could take about 10 days before this is resolved.

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Re: Broadband activation issue

Thanks you that what I think has happened they have ceased there connection & once that happened open reach will connect me 

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Re: Broadband activation issue

Update still no internet..

BT have sent me 4G Wifi min hub 

I have been told that due to active phone line going from Green FTTC Cabinet to my flat BT/Openreah can't activate my BB Until that line has switched to 0ld tenants new home or it has ceased, or been giving authorisation to take that line over, 

also been told there a slim chance openreach might reject my order if there is no cease date/other provider rejects BT's offer to take over the line, and will have to wait till old tenants sort it out. 

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