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Cheaper Package?

Hi all,

I currently get 26Mbps download, 5 Mbps upload due to location.

I don't have a BT phone.

I don't use BT Cloud - found it to be too slow and unreliable.

I don't use any of the AV etc addon's.

I current!y pay £54 / month for Halo 1.

Contract ends 16th December 2022

Basically I just want email and Broadband (I think!)

When I login to My BT I get told that I can stay the same or pay an extra 74p or £1  per month for some other packages.

Before I ring up and try and find out what my options are to reduce costs can anyone advise what those options might be please.


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Re: Cheaper Package?

You are maybe a bit early to be renewing your contract but you can always try phoning the options team 0800800030 and see if you can negotiate a new deal.  Probably from your comments you are looking for broadband only which means you cannot make or receive landline calls.  Line rental is still payable and included in the broadband package price

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Re: Cheaper Package?


People may be thinking of renewals because MyBT displays a big blue banner stating " Don't forget your broadband discount is ending"  click to renew.  Mine has been there since mid July with the contract ending on 17 Dec !

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Re: Cheaper Package?

Thanks for the replies.

I had a discussion with BT about reducing costs earlier in the year and I recall being told that I would incur early termination penalties and was advised to try again in August. I didn't enquire about the reason for that date, maybe he did a quick calculation and its when the cost benefit balances better.

I forgot to mention landline, we have a landline phone at the moment but are prepared to get rid of that too.

Any idea what Broadband with email is with BT?

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Re: Cheaper Package?

Not having telephony capability only gives minimal saving, £5/m reduction at the very most.

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Re: Cheaper Package?

We don't use so might as well let it go.

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Re: Cheaper Package?

Bit of an update fyi.

Turns out I can renew my package within 3 months of my contract end date, with a bit of leeway it seems, without penalty.

We are on Pay As You Go for the landline so keeping it.

It took a while but eventually settled on Fibre 2 at £35/month saving £20.

That'll do, would be a pain changing my email address.


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Re: Cheaper Package?

I currently pay £27.39pm for Fibre 2 with PAYG landline. My contract also ends in December & I started being spammed to renew at the beginning of June, with the threat of a £7pm increase. Up until last week I was potentially being offered a £2pm reduction to "upgrade" to the same package but that's now disappeared.

I say potentially as the checkout page suggested that staying on the same package would still be charged at the same rate & no one could confirm or deny if this was correct.

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Re: Cheaper Package?

 Best of luck!

Lady was helpful but clearly trained to get the most out of me that she could. I explained that I don't use BT Cloud, BT mobile, Parental Controls, BT AV, etc but she only quoted me Halo 3 at £43/m which included all of that. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what I've lost apart from the stay connected. Not sure o the BT Cloud but I've given up on that anyway because it was too unreliable.

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Re: Cheaper Package?

My method when a contract deal coming to an end is to scour the competition, specifically checking what the Sky and Talk Talk deals are for new customers. It's also worth nosing at BT's own website while signed out so you can see what they offer new customers too. Take note of all those prices and aim to get something close to this.

I prefer to use the web chat tool on the BT site, there's usually a cancellation option which I presume puts you through to a specific team that can offer you the best deals to keep you with them. If you prefer to call I presume just mentioning the word 'cancel' will probably get you put through to the appropriate department too.

I did recently see that BT have an Essentials package which is much cheaper, so if yourself or someone in your house is claiming certain benefits that could be worth a look/google.