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On 29 August 2023 my Broadband lone was jumped by an engineer who was running a new BT line to a neighbour property. This happened due to the engineer thinking that my line be it only supplying broadband to my property was unused 

I was without service until the 6th of September 23 after a second attempt was made to reconnect my broadband, and this was the second attempt within that loss of service period. 

On 23 October 23 I had my next bill monthly debited bill with a proposed future month bill indicating the monthly amount. No mention or attempt of reimbursement of loss of service was made. 

So I contacted BT on chat indicating my problem and enquired regarding process of compensation. It was noted that compensation to the sum of £55.98 would be made in the next month billing.


I ask and hopefully of some sort of quick confirmation and action will be made. How long again will I have to wait for the noted compensation that was promised to me for loss of service?

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Re: Compensation

Called help line took some time to get through.
Upshot problem resolved compo on way. Delay was due to automatic compensation hadn't work for whatever reason.
Taken a few weeks but perseverance won.
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