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Confused at broadband pricing

Hi Community,


Strange issue here. I set up an account for my father in law years ago when I lived there (long story!).


He is still an account holder and it has come to light that he has been being charged 48.99 for broadband for quite some time which I'm sure is not right! His monthly bill has been exceeding 80 quid for over the 15 months the bill summary goes back and I'm sure this isn't right!


All the current pricings seem to be around 25-30, so i cant quite fathom why he is being charged 48.99 for full fibre Halo 3 in a tiny remote suffolk village?! It doesn't sound right! I can see a contract is due to expire in October, but I dont think the original contract would have been extended ?! I guess it might be possible that he has been 'tricked' into something over the phone, its difficult to make head nor tail of what he is actually talking about when questioning him!


Does anyone have idea of what to do and whether or not this sounds right? Can I check when contracts have been extended somewhere? I just cant see how he is spending nearly 50£ purely on broadband....



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Re: Confused at broadband pricing

Halo 3 at £48.99 is discounted, the standard price is more.

You're also saying his call charges or addons are more than £30 per month, if it's just for calls the unlimited minutes will save him money, he might also be better off with 700 mins, you'd have to review bills to see how many minutes he uses and if they would be inclusive (UK landlines and UK mobiles are inclusive with new plans)

Living in a village doesn't mean Halo isn't suitable, if he has 10 months remaining then the contract started 14 months ago, all new terms are 24 months and have been for a few years.

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Re: Confused at broadband pricing

Done the same to my mum paying 74 pound plus for 30 pound package phoned them no one awaserd so she got me to talk to the chat system only to be hot with a sales pitch ho we stole from you would you like to fix that by buying something from us !!! 2 hours in nothing I have to phone back in tomorrow hope you have better luck then me 

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