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Connected to wrong exchange

We moved into our current flat at the end of September 2021 and our broadband was activated on 30 September (with Sky). We had a working broadband connection for about 2 days and then the connection dropped - and has never returned. 

After multiple Openreach visits and countless hours spent talking to Sky on the phone, the problem was identified that we were connected to the wrong exchange and that a cease and re-provide was required to correct this problem and connect us to the correct exchange. Our activation date was two weeks later however our broadband still did not work and that we were still connected to the wrong exchange! We lost patience with Sky and switched to BT in December, explained the issue and was told that we'd be routed to the correct exchange. Except we weren't. So we did another cease and re-provide, waited another couple of weeks for Openreach to come out to do the switch and was told that we are still routed to the wrong exchange and that it is on BT to do this. 

For whatever reason it seems that this task is just too difficult to complete. It is almost four months now that we have had not had any internet (whilst trying to WFH) and we just seem to be going around in circles with both BT and Openreach just passing the buck to on another. I am at my wits end and have zero confidence that BT or Openreach can resolve this issue. 

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue and know what steps need to be taken to correct this?

Openreach have been called out at least 8 times and I've spent 10+ hours speaking to BT on the phone with zero progress made. Incredibly frustrating!

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Re: Connected to wrong exchange


Do you have a current broadband order with BT Retail?

If you do, then use the address checker on the page below, and post the results, but edit out your address details first. Remember to leave the exchange name and cabinet number showing.

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