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Contract renewal issues

Contract is ending in January 2023, my "offers" are £5 more expensive than my current package (to say the cheapest among all). My area doesn't have full fibre and I don't need the landline, yet they are offering renewal options that are more like "you get less than what you have now (cause, again, not needed), but still pay more".

Called the customer support and they were kind of annoyed by the fact that I'm very tempted to switch. A shame, I've really wanted to stay with BT, never had any major issues, but this renewal process is a total scam. Any advice?

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Re: Contract renewal issues

Hi @Shunnosuke

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I am sorry that you've had some problems renewing you contract.  I understand you'd ideally like to remain with us, and I do appreciate your custom 😊

Give our loyalty team a call on 0330 1234 150 and one of the team will help you out.  Feel free to post back and let me know how you get on chatting with them.

All the best,


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Re: Contract renewal issues

I was in the same position as yourself with my contract for BB Fibre 2 ending in December 22.  By the time my BB contract was about to end I was paying £36.52 just for the BB.   

These endless year on year massive April increases are just killing us all.

The offer I was getting on my on line account was a £1 discount from my current prices, so £35.52 with a 24 month contract, obviously laughable.

Anyway, I connected to an on line chat bot  and was swiftly re-connected to a real person.    I discussed various pricing but was getting nowhere so I made it clear that I would leave for Talk Talk for £25 pcm.  

BT then said they would offer me the same service as I currently have for £25.99 which would start immediately. 

I took the offer.  

I have to say I was surprised how quickly BT collapsed from £35 to £25.99 but I guess it just shows how competitive the market is.

Could I have held out for a bigger discount ? perhaps 

Good luck