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Hi all, after a few issues since last July I've ended up being sold a different package, but I've noticed when checking my contract end date that on  that occasion my contract has restarted which I think is poor.

As in my opinion its tying you in for another 2 years before I can look elsewhere.

Now, at the moment I can upgrade to 900mb  halo3+ for just £3 extra.

Sooo, will my contract once again restart?

If yes I'm might put a complaint into ofcom as I don't think it's a fair policy.

Plus I was always with EE and never had any issues until changing but ended up having to upgrade packages to get the same level of service. Again very poor. Unless I have been miss sold too. 

My current contract is due up Jul 2025 so I don't fancy restarting again and ending up tied in to Feb 2026.

Any thoughts you guys n gals.

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Re: Contract.

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If you take out a new package it will start a new contract you will however not be charged for cancelling your previous contract early provided your new package is an "upgrade" to your "old" package.

There is nothing unfair in that. It is you that wants to stop your old package and contract and take out a new one, BT is not forcing you to do that.

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Re: Contract.

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Yes I can see your point.

But when your having to upgrade to improve the service that in my opinion is poor.

If on the other hand I upgrade to get a faster setup, then yes I agree.

But considering the past service its a joke.

Do you know how much it costs to cancel your existing service

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Re: Contract.

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If you are on a "lower" speed product, why are you looking for the 900 package if getting a faster package is not the reason that you are wanting to change? If you are changing from FTTC to FTTP you can get the same package as you are on as the FTTP packages usually match the FTTC ones.

If there are issues with your line where you can not obtain your guaranteed minimum speed then you should complain and keep complaining about it until BT fix it.

If BT are unable to fix the issue then you will be able to leave the contract without penalty.

If you just go for an "upgrade" regardless of what you feel is a legitimate reason you will start a new contract. 

The termination charges are more or less the cost of the whole amount of what is left for you package to run.

See Link.

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