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Re: Deceived on installation dates


@CliffRichard wrote:

It’s funny how people make assumptions before asking questions. “is this the usual..” “you need to complain to OFCOM”, “have you evidence”, etc.

no it isn’t the usual.

the complaint has already gone in to the Ombudsman Services along with the evidence as is the protocol. You don’t make individual complaints to OFCOM, you make them to the OS, and they raise broader issues or patters with OFCOM, and I would have thought someone so adept at dishing out advice would know?

have a great day.

in other words you have nothing to substantiate you claims

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Re: Deceived on installation dates


BT and OpenReach are part of the same company. This is well known.  I think anyone who thinks they are separate are being naive:  They are seperate legal entities as you know,   OpenReach will favour BT when it comes to services in a tiered system. Completely false statement, no such thing as a tiered system.  People will argue this is not so, but as I say, naivety. Only on your conspiracy theory behalf. OpenReach are a wholly owned subsidiary of BT. Indeed, the same as b&q and screwfix are both seperate legal entities of kingfisher. OFCOM would like BT to be distanced as a retail consumer, Erm, they are, see the ofcom link, but evidently this isn’t happening fairly across the industry, if it were Sky would get the same throughput speeds on full fiber as BT: Erm, they can, however it's sky's choice not to do so, there isn’t an open and fair market here. And you truly believe, that other ISP's would allow that without legal action?

When I say BT cancelled the order I mean Openreach group given BT are the parent group originally.

Anyway, I’ve spoken to BT again and the following information was forthcoming:

- they admitted that the BT employee who sold me the service lied about the 23 December installation date just to get my custom.

- OpenReach are so far behind on installation because of new street fibre connections and strike action that the usual 2 weeks is now over 6 weeks. So not BT Retails fault then at all.

- OpenReach cancelled my initial contract with BT for 19 December, then 20 December without any reason. Have you actually checked what is available at your property?

- OpenReach then cancelled by 20 December contract with Sky without any reason other than according to Sky “it’s because you’re a Sky client, we get less preferential treatment”. You've been fed, and worst, believed the claptrap from sky, yet havnt felt the need to complain about sky's behaviour?

- BT staff stated there is a known wholesaler / retailer issue between BT and OpenReach even though they are in the same corporation, and it is well known how to fix all these delays, but nothing is being done to remedy it.So your admitting they are separate and have poor communication?

so in summary, BT parent company, and BT retail and Opeanreach wholesale installations are charlatans because they cancel your order dates arbitrarily after the order is agreed (this is fraud in effect because they knowingly obtain your services by deception knowing they will move the date), and there isn’t fair market practices because BT control the networks they throttle third party performance and disrupt their connections whilst prioritising their own. This was the whole reason OFCOM intervened in the first place but the practices are still ongoing.  Accusing a corporation of fraud is a big step, and assume you have cast iron proof to prove this? As this link says :- they are totally separate, Have you actually checked fibre is available and there isn't a waiting list?


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Re: Deceived on installation dates

There are different openreach care levels so it's actually more than likely BT retail pay openreach for a higher one than Sky, that would be how they could get sooner dates

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