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Dual providers

Hi Community,

I am looking into the Fibre2 package to use for work (I'm a consultant so primarily work from home but I don't need the full business deal) but I also want to keep my existing DSL package from another provider.

I can't see a technical reason why this can't be done but I just wonder if there may be a commerciial reason why BT doesn't want to do this.

To be clear.. I want to keep my existing DSL copper line which I'm (kind of) happy with for home use and just have the BT fibre deal installed for work use.

I guess I can also use them both as backup for each other in case there's a network problem but that's not the primary reason for doing it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?




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Re: Dual providers


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

I think you may find that its not possible, as Openreach are moving away from copper connections, so you may find that your DSL line would be ceased if you order full fibre.

If your connection is important, and you need to retain phone lines, then realistically only a BT Business package is going to be the best option, especially if you need a fast repair time if there is a fault.

A BT Residential connection is only intended for personal and entertainment use and any form of commercial usage is not permitted and would not be advised if the connection is vital to a customer.


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Re: Dual providers

As has been mentioned any change to a package is pretty well going to mean a move to FTTP if that's available.  Openreach does have at their disposal ONTs with up to 4 Gigabit ports but their really there for small multiple occupancy households.  Using one in your situation would offer no backup or any other "sensible" benefits - you'd also need a third-party router capable of using multiple connections.  An awful lot of faff, with very little advantage!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: Dual providers

There is nothing stopping you ordering a second line for a second broadband service, with or without a phone service attached to it, providing you use a provider that understands this is a new separate’ ‘line’ , and doesn’t try to ‘takeover’ the existing service at your address , this should fit your requirements, if you are asking if you can have two broadband services over a single ‘DSL’ line , then the answer is No.
As you refer to DSL , presumably you don’t have FTTP , if you did , it would still be two separate services, either provided over 1 fibre connection and a multi port ONT , each providers router plugged into separate ports on the multiport ONT , or each separate service having its own fibre drop and two separate ONTs , the multiport setup needing less power outlets being a single ( larger ) ONT box on the wall , rather than two separate ones.
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