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End of contract still billed.

I called in October to say I was switching supplier, they said sorry to hear that let me try and beat it I said no point I'm getting 6 times faster speeds and cheaper.


They came back with my old 150mb connection and my old pre double price rise price, I said no thanks.


She went on to say I just want to cancel, I don't want to renew I'm going with someone else.

She said unfortunately you can't call up and cancel you have to call back when it ends to cancel (what happened to 30 days notice?)

She then went on to say that my new supplier would notify them and they would cancel it for me.

I got a bill through and called to complain, the lady I spoke to said sorry we will refund within 4 weeks (I think 4) I said no problem and forgot about it until I got another bill.

Turns out because I went on the city fibre network her advice was wrong they wouldn't notify BT and I took her advice.

I have two bills and don't believe I should have to pay any advice?

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Re: End of contract still billed.

Hello @AnnoyingCompany 

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with BT.

absolutely you can call up can cancel even if you have Held To Term Charges that’s your right.

ring fence ISP companies don’t use the Openreach network therefore the normal process of taking over the line and creating Advise Of Transfers will NOT apply.

If you use Virgin, City Fibre, Zoom Fibre, Lila Connect, etc you’ll have to notify BT yourself that your leaving and swapping to another provider.

To resolve this matter you’ll need to contact BT on 0330 1234 150 and let them know about the situation and ask that the account is terminated and the billing is backdated. Once terminated you’ll receive a final bill with all the credit you are owed which either Will be reversed into your bank or issued as a cheque.

unfortunately while your account remains active with a working line the account will keep generating bills as normal as far as the system is concerned your still a customer.

You’ll need to contact Loyalty to get the account terminated then billing afterwards to correct the bills.

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