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FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

I’ve finally had my FTTP installed and activated 5 months to the day after I ordered it on 28/12/21 !

 I’ve reached up to £800 in compensation for all the missed appointments and daily late credits at £5.25 per day😜 I’m just waiting now for the 14 days to pass after activation and hopefully I’ll be credited with the amount but if not I’ll be on the blower sorting it out that’s for sure   
after all the credit is applied I’ll be getting free broadband for over a year🤣

 anyway, the speed is great and I’m glad it’s finally in! hooray 🥳


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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

When you placed your order, what date where you given for your service to be activated?

Compensation is paid from that date, if the service has not been activated.

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

I choose not to disclose this but I have every email and text message saved as evidence should they be needed to assist in my compensation claim.  Thank you. 

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

You said on your first post that it was the 20th January, so compensation may be paid from that date, assuming you were promised activation on the same date.

Anyway, best of luck trying to get compensation.

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Glad you finally got it buddy, but 5 months is utterly disgraceful! I'm coming up for a month and a half, and I think that is bad, so doesn't give me much hope 😞 

They really need to get their act together, and not cut off the customers previous connection, leaving them with nothing, until they are certain installation is near to completion.

They also want to stop billing me for a service I still don't have yet, and stop, needlessly, wasting money on compensation fees, due to incompetence and lack of communication between parties.

It really is a dreadful service this fibre installation.

I was going to say your 'lucky', but after having to wait nearly half a year, then your resolve is much better than mine, and that BT/Openreach should be ashamed of themselves.  Disgraceful.

Good luck for the future 🙂

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Cheers buddy.  I was determined not to give up and push them big time.  I got it escalated to directors level and that seemed to kick them up the jacksy from then on.  BT have been good really it was Openreach who were the ones who needed to sort it all out.  Anyway, I’m not holding my breath for the automatic compensation but I’ll be pushing that big time too if there’s any messing around you can bank on that (pun intended)

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Yeah, mine is at 'Executive Level', whatever that means? lol, then again, it's been at that for a week now, so it means nothing so far 🙂

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

It gets better lol 🙂

My 'Executive Customer Resolution Team' member recommends, she cancel my Direct Debit before next payment, but she can't, because I have a 'mobile contract', and it wont allow for that.  Now, I dunno about you?, but that just doesn't give me confidence that my installation will be completed by next week, lol?   Just a hunch, lol, a feeling, I dunno?  Considering I just paid bill, and next is a month away.

So, they will continue to take payment, and I will get loads of compensation also.  So in 2 years time, when Openreach finally decide to do something, if they ever do anything?, I'll be bill free for the next 5 years lol.  Meanwhile, I have nothing, yeah, lol.

I may just surpass you my friend?, the way things are going 🙂 🤣

None of these idiots know what the hell is going on, who is doing what, or what day it is?  Seriously.  A Company that prides itself on 'communication', but in fact, has very little in common with that word, and passes the 'buck' over to a '3rd party' Company, who is no better, or, I'd say, worse than itself, and one who is unwilling to 'push' for things to get resolved for the customer as long as they are getting their cash.  Dreadful!

The exact problem is:  Openreach rule BT, SKY, Virgin, whoever, and they will do what they will, on their terms.  There is a reason as to why 'ordinary' people cant contact Openreach ;), but I do not accept that as an excuse.  BT should be making sure, said 3rd party, fulfils its obligations to the customer, and as a contractor, Openreach should be doing the same with its orders from whoever.

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Well, my 'executive person' actually called 'ME' today (that's a first!), saying that 'planned work' is to be done by Openreach on 26th (Thursday).  I asked what work?, and she had no clue, bearing in mind that all external work is completed lol. (well, I know that, Openreach, nor BT, don't)  I said do I have to be in?, response: I dunno?, we don't know what is actually going on? lol!  Sigh.  Oh I well know that fact!  😄

Do I take time off work, or do I not?  Roll the dice.  Is anyone actually gonna turn up if I do?  Roll the dice.  See where I'm going with this? 😉  Your £10 compensation does not cover my lost wages for that day BT, and it never will, just like the 3 times engineers were 'supposed' to be here, but never surfaced either. 😉 

And while were at it, that £30 compensation credits to my BT account, and not in my back pocket, as does the rest when done, and as I suspect, if you were actually 'paying out' (into one's bank) these huge amounts of cash, then things would be resolved much quicker than they are otherwise 🙂

Openreach would be bankrupt now if that were not the case 😉

You can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!


Do you think Openreach turned up today?, bearing in mind, they haven't the previous 3 times.

I get £10 though, and although I wasted all day, again, and could have been earning more, it all goes into the pot.

I rest my case 🙂 

Another week, and another £45 worthless compensation, that means nothing to me, while I sit here on my 'super 4G EE sim' lol, with 99% of my house still not functioning.

Gotta love going 'Executive Level' 😉


I may have, say £2,000? in pot by the time this is done?, but I'll be long dead before I can ever use it all. (of course, that just may be another tactic?)


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