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FTTP install - blockage and failed pull


I have ordered FTTP and after a few issues, have had a crew come out to to pull fibre to my front door.

They failed to do the cable pull as there was a blockage that they could not get past - they did get a rope to my front door from one of the underground manhole covers, but the blockage was further down the road - so no fibre to the outside of my house.

They logged this issue and the heavy hitters (aka civil engineering) came out and got the blockage sorted - but did not pull cable (I was not expecting them to pull the cable).

When I now check on my order it says all external work is complete and all that is left is for the engineer to come and do the work inside the house.  

As there is no fibre outside my door - I am assuming that a step is missing - i.e. the cable needs to be pulled now the blockage has been resolved.

Am I worrying over nothing and a team will just turn up to do the cable pull they failed to do previously or do I need to contact someone? i.e. is the order on the tracker now showing the true / whole picture?






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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull


What activation date does it say on your order?

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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull

Aug 2nd

Below is a snip of the order,,,

Tue 11 Jul

Engineer visit - outside your property

Status: Complete

Our engineers have completed work external to your property

Wed 2 Aug
Engineer visit
for Broadband
Status: Confirmed
Wed 2 Aug 2023
Service activation
for Digital Home Phone
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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull

Worth a call to the FTTP team0800 587 4787 to confirm arrangements.

When busy, that number diverts to normal  CS, if it does hang up and call later

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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull

not related to op post but i see this a few times, how are you meant to know if you have been diverted to regular CS when you ring fttp team?


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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull

I assume you get the options menu rather than getting through directly. As I don't have FTTP, I've never had to call.

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Re: FTTP install - blockage and failed pull

So I called and got a good response. Basically the order number status is wrong. 

as to how I dealt with the cs. 

I called the above number and went through the automated press 1 etc and then it rang and was answered by a very jolly (and helpful) gent who answered the phone as hi this is Dave at Broadband support. 
so from his introduction I knew I was with the correct team. 

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