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Odd one, well I think so...

Got an email from OpenReach confirming that FTTP was available, obviously very excited. Went to order from BT, was told it wasn't available, and that was confirmed using the wholesale checker on the BT site.


Checked Sky, who said it was available and would allow me to order. 

Spoke to BT, who raised a data integrity issues with OR, as Sky was reporting it was good to go, left it a couple of weeks with daily checks on the wholesale checker.

Today, I spoke to BT and after much faff, was told that Sky occupies all connections within the green box, so will have to wait until OR deploys additional capacity. 

Things that surprised me,

1.. BT employee was able to check OR system and confirm which ISP occupied what connections. 

2. OR did not provision enough capacity to supply the postcode.

3. All available capacity has been consumed in <4 weeks.

Anyone got a view? 

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Whoever you spoke to doesn’t know what they are talking about , FTTP doesn’t come from a cabinet and no ISP is reserved connections , that’s absolute nonsense.

If Sky can order FTTP and BT can’t , there a couple of  possible reasons , Sky have cable links from the Openreach FTTP OLT into their backhaul network, but BT don’t have a cable link into their backhaul , or BT have not updated their ordering system to reflect FTTP  availability , but Sky have .