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Fibre 1 and Calls package clarification please

I received notification of the end of my contract period late last year and have now got round to looking into it. I am currently on Fibre with Halo 1 (from early 2021) and prior to that it was Fibre 1 and Calls after being on Superfast Fibre 1 Unlimited + Calls.

I have been charged between £55.49 and £57.98 per month (which would appear to include the landline) and BT's recommendation for contract renewal was Fibre Halo 3 + Unlimited minutes for £71.66/month!!

Having looked a BT's current deals, presumably for new customers, I see Fibre 1 + landline for £32.99/£38.99 but this suggests an average download speed of 50 Mbps whereas I am getting only 32-35 Mbps.

Have I been paying all this time for something that can't be achieved? Fibre Essential seems to be more in line with my package and that's even cheaper.

Some guidance on this would be much appreciated.


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