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Fibre package keeps changing price once in checkout


So I manage my Nan's BT broadband account on her behalf... She fell out of contract a while ago, and Full Fibre is now available.

I've logged in and noticed that she has a 'free upgrade' to Fibre 100 at her current monthly cost of £38.19. I thought that a bit odd that the price is exactly the same, so I checked the main BT site for the cost of their broadband packages.

Full Fibre 100, currently listed for £30.99 - Ideal! I select it, choose the account/line I want to apply it to and then at the last page of the checkout it changes to £59.99!

What's going on here? Is BT trying to penalise my Nan for staying loyal to them? She's always wanted to stay with BT - I suspect as it's a farmiliar brand. However we're at that point now where I manage the utilities to the extent that all she sees is the funds leaving her account, at this rate it feels less effort to just jump ship to a competitor?

Am I doing something wrong, can someone shed some light on this pls?

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Re: Fibre package keeps changing price once in checkout

Hi @DickiJ, sorry you're having trouble changing your nan's broadband package online. 

It would be best to give us a call on 0330 1234 150 and our sales team will be happy to check the offered available and place the order for you.



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