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Final Bill Advice Please


My BT contract was due to end on 11th November. I called on 7th October (more than 30 days' notice) to say that I wanted to cancel my account at the end of my contract. I was told that it could be terminated on 10th November at the latest with an early termination fee of £1.35. Firstly, that seems strange to me (unless trying to cancel it on 11th November would have rolled it over for another month).


I recently received and paid (by direct debit) my bill for £72.01 for the period 21st October - 20th November which obviously covers period up to the end of my contract on 10th November. I was therefore expecting a final bill for £1.35 within 7 days of today.


However, my BT online account is showing an estimated bill of £73.36 due to be taken on 1st December (presumably for the period 21st November - 20th December) which is my regular £72.01 plus the £1.35 termination fee. My account does not make any mention of this being the final bill.


I called BT and was told that the money would be taken on 1st December, then I would be refunded £72.01 within five days. I understand that sometimes money is taken, then refunded, due to the way billing cycles work. However, this amount appears to be for a period after the end of my contract and I'd rather not have that money removed from my account in the first place.


Can anyone shed any light on this and whether or not there is any way to stop this from happening? I'm concerned I may end up having to chase a refund for money that doesn't need to be taken in the first place.





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Re: Final Bill Advice Please

It's an "estimated" bill ie not an actual bill, you'll likely get the final bill if all the services have been cancelled today & have nothing to worry about, if it's late it may overlap the next monthly bill but if you leave your DD setup etc you'll get automatically refunded

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