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Finally ordered fibre But need some clarification!

Hi there

Finally ordered Fibre, sent an email to openreaches CEO Clive, he replied very quickly and within 24 hours the issue was sorted. Before that I was told 2025 would be the earliest. Absolutely lovely bloke. 

However I might have messed up. On the bt wholesale checker it states max download is 350mbps, when placing an order with BT over the phone the nice lady said I can have the  900mbps package so I placed the order. 

Its now just clicked with me somethings clearly messed up,  If the checker says 350mbps I'm never getting 900mbps surely, but then why is that an option and why let me order that. 

Can I get any clarification?

As always I appreciate your time so much. Thank you 🙂


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Re: Finally ordered fibre But need some clarification!

Could you post a screenshot of the checker result as AFAIK BT do not offer a 350Mb service.

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Re: Finally ordered fibre But need some clarification!

The checker just says max downstream 350mbps, but I've ordered 900mbps (and it's gone through) 😕 im pretty sure I'll get some type of call tomorrow to change it. I'm not messing with anything or canceling orders, with my nabbing the last spot in the manifold it would be my luck for someone else to place an order in between me canceling 😅 

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