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Re: 700 Minutes Calling Plan

I am a BT customer, but my friend who does not have internet/broadband has been quoted the following

"700 minutes per month to uk mobiles and landline anytime day or night , 150 calls per month in total 11 hours and 40 minutes on the phone, its a 12 month contract. - £19.23 per month wiht a £70 pounds activation fee , "

Does this include the landline charge?

I pay £7.99 per month for 700 minutes and pay my landline annually at £219.00    I just can't explain the above quote to her.


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Re: 700 Minutes Calling Plan

BT customers who don’t have broadband from anyone can get a reduced line rental , the list price for BT line rental customer that do have  broadband ( presumably from someone other than BT ) with 700 mins call plan is £30.55, of which £7.50 is the cost of the 700 mins,(  £23.05 is the cost with the PAYG plan) , so it’s possible that with the no broadband discount the £30.55 is reduced to £19.23 ,

This discounted rate is not displayed on the website, you have to call , presumably to confirm you don’t have broadband from any source,  although someone recently posted the ‘discount’ was around  £11 , which fits in with the price quoted.

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