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Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month

Chain of events for my recent Full Fibre 500 order 

  1. Order placed - 05-Jul-2023
  2. Router delivered - 28-Jul-2023
  3. First engineer visit - 02-Aug-2023 (date of activation)
  4. Fibre socket installed in-house by the engineer - 15-Aug-2023
  5. EE Mini hub delivered - 25-Aug-2023
  6. Engineer visit for installation of external cable - 25-Aug-2023 (only inspection done, no work was carried out)

Current status - Form A55 is filled and submitted for a hoist to install some cabling around the bus stop in front of my house.

It's been over a month now and I am fed up with the progress of my order. I moved from Virgin to BT thinking I would get better service. I also thought that BT would have checked if they could provide a connection to my house. But it seems that all the work is being done after I ordered a connection. Is it possible to get an update on this, please?

Both me and my wife work from home and we have several smart devices connected in our house. With the mini-hub, it's not possible to connect so many devices and get the desired speeds.

Tried calling BT but no updates on when the connection will be activated.


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Re: Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

Please edit out your order number as this is a public forum, and that is private info.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

Try calling 0330 1234 150


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Re: Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month

@Keith_Beddoe - I have removed the order number. I was hoping to get some solution but thanks for letting me know the purpose of the forum. 

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Re: Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month

Much as I hate stating it and being accused of being a BT fanboy, this is not a problem that is of BT's making.

You would have the same issue with any ISP using the Openreach network. BT and any other ISP only offer FTTP when Openreach say it is ready, obviously in your case the initial Openreach survey didn't identify the extra work needed to supply you. The fault lays directly with Openreach.

Rather than ringing ordinary C/S which Keith gave you there is a dedicated FTTP team who may be able to find out more for you on 0800 587 4787.

Be aware it will revert to normal C/S when they are busy so try early morning (8.00-9.00 perhaps) or just hang up and try again.

It is interesting to note I asked @SeanD  if the mods could be clued up on this back in 2013. Nothing seems to have changed though.

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Re: Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month

@pippincp - The number you gave helped. It seems the hoist work was supposed to be carried out on 1-Sep but is now delayed to 08-Sep. So hopefully, once that work is completed, I will get my internet connection activated.

It seems the delay was due to some pole testing, which as per the OpenReach records is out of date. So they need a hoist to get up onto the pole to do some tests and maybe then run a line to my house.

Fingers crossed for the activation now. They also said I will be compensated with approx. £5 for every day of the delay from the date of the 1st engineer visit which should be reflected in my second bill.

Thanks again so much for the number. Really helped.

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Re: Full Fibre 500 - Still not activated after over a month

That sounds like a result. I'm glad you now have the info going forward and you will be online soon.

A thumbs up would be nice..😀

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