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Full fibre 500 installed on 14/06/23 and still not activated!


I placed my order on 04/05/23 and after a lengthy wait in order to have the external and internal work done on my property, I was finally installed on 14/06/23.

The engineers were great and let me watched the entire installation from start to finish and they took great care not to bend the fragile fibre cable. 

After they were finished, they performed a line signal check to see if everything was working and indeed there was a strong signal coming cable.  However, the PON light was flashing green on the ONT and they advised to wait until the end of the day before contacting BT.

The following morning an open reach engineer came by to check the installation and said everything was fine on my end and that there was a routing issue on their end and that it should be resolved in 48hrs.

Fast forward to present day and no one else has turned up to check and see what the problem is despite me wasting my time calling them every week to try and sort it out.

I have been with many ISP in my years and I have never waited this long to be activated - this is the longest I have had to wait by a mile!

One minute they are tellinge that it is a routing issue, the next they are telling me there is a blocked terminal somewhere and the specialist team are doing their best to fix it...

Aside from waiting, is there anything else I can do?


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Re: Full fibre 500 installed on 14/06/23 and still not activated!

Are you dealing with the FTTP TEAM?  If not then give them a call as they should be able to help 08005874787

If diverted to CS then hang up and try later

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Re: Full fibre 500 installed on 14/06/23 and still not activated!

I have never heard of the FTTP Team until now and would have thought that was the first thing CS would have contacted to get this sorted.

I'll give them a call see if they can help.


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Re: Full fibre 500 installed on 14/06/23 and still not activated!

Yesterday I spoke to the FTTP team and they said that I was connected to the wrong box and that they will have to hear from openreach with a possible solution and that may require physically re-routing some cables.   They will give me an update this Friday.

I also got a surprise phone call from openreach telling me when they would like to install my full fibre 500 and I explain everything to them...

Anyway, they booked an engineer for this morning and within 10 minutes of looking at the openreach modem and making a phone call, I was up and running.  He said it was a software issue and didn't require re-routing any external cables like the FTTP team implied would need doing.

So after a month of having my full fibre installed and BT giving excuses why they can't send out an engineer to fix the problem, an open reach engineer turns up one morning in order to install the full fibre that was already installed a month ago, and fixes the problem within 10 minutes...

Why did I have to wait a month for this to happen?  Why did the openreach engineer not know that I already had full fibre 500 installed a month a go?  I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I speak to the FTTP.

BTW, I have had an open compliant from the start and I will not be closing it until I receive some form of compensation for the constant delays.

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